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My Summer Reading Project – All Top

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Because my daughter keeps asking why I make her read during the summer, I’ve assigned myself a summer reading project.

Over the next next couple of months I’ll be visiting every blog and website listed on All Top’s PR page.

When I find something interesting…I’ll share.
If I find something that isn’t interesting…I’ll probably share.
When I find something I agree with…I’ll comment and share.
If I find something I disagree with…you guessed it, I’ll comment and share.

So from sites that I visit often like:
A Shel of my Former Self
Dave Fleet
Perkett PRsuasion
PR Breakfast Club

To some that I’ve recently discovered and new ones I’m looking forward to checking out like:
Jeff Esposito 
PR Mama
Method + Moxie

I’ll read them all. Along the way I expect to find some new favorites and learn something. Now, I better go check in on my daughter’s reading assignment.


Touchy PR Guy Did His Job

June 16, 2010 3 comments

Did you see the video of the touchy PR guy (Mark Slavin) that can’t keep his hands off the TV reporter?

Did you agree that he was a horrible PR guy who should lose his job?

Well, you are not the only one. I’ve read lots of people commenting about what a terrible PR guy (he is actually director of community relations, but whatever) he is, but maybe, just maybe, we’ve been too hard on this guy and he may actually deserve some credit for a job well done. Read more…

Nothing to See Here

June 12, 2010 Leave a comment

If you are looking for my latest post you can check out Jules Zunich’s PR from A to Z blog.

Are PR Professionals Victims of Their Own Success?

I’ve mentioned on this blog more than once – I think Jules’ blog includes some really good stuff – I hope this post doesn’t bring down the value of her blog.

Thanks again Jules.

Perspective is (Still) Everything

June 4, 2010 1 comment

Blogging Lessons Learned by Not Blogging (Part two of two)

I stated in my previous post that taking a month off from blogging provided some interesting perspective of the value and act of blogging. So here is some more insight that I’d offer to clients / prospective bloggers – assuming they were not already scared away by the previous blog post.

  • Blogging isn’t work. Writing a blog isn’t writing an article of a college thesis – it is a place to make a point, but in a much more casual and personal way. While anything published on the Internet can be seen and preserved forever that doesn’t mean that you need to over think every written word in fear of changing your mind down the road. Read more…

Perspective is Everything

June 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Blogging Lessons Learned by Not Blogging (Part one of two)

Perspective is everything. Sometimes you need to stop doing something to really miss it. Spending a month away from this blog provided an opportunity to recharge,  refresh and re-examine why I’m doing this. It’s like the board runner that experiences an injury only to realize how much they miss running after all.

I started this blog several months ago because in my role as a PR / communications professional I was advising clients about blogs and social media, so I decided that there was no better way to provide authoritative advice than doing it myself. I’ve read all the books, blogs and articles about corporate blogging, but there is no better way to lean than by doing. Read more…