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PR Industry Shouldn’t do ANYTHING to Help Clients

November 13, 2010 3 comments

I will not do ANYTHING to help my client. There I said it.

Those of us in the PR industry all (hopefully) agree that there are ethical lines in the sand that we as PR people shouldn’t cross, but there are a couple of gray areas that deserve discussion. When it comes to Reader’s Choice awards and (non-PR) industry surveys, PR’s job is to Promote not Vote.

Occasionally we see stories like PR firm got caught astroturfing the App Store, that remind us that making ‘false representation’ is not in our job description, yet ask a bunch of PR people if they think voting for clients is wrong and I bet you’ll hear answers like: ‘no, it isn’t wrong it’s PR’ or ‘I never really thought about it being wrong.’ Read more…


Put The Social Back in Social Media

November 3, 2010 9 comments
Jules Zunich

In my ongoing attempt to provide some class and thoughtful prose to this little slice of the web I call my blog, I’ve enlisted the help of Jules Zunich – @juleszunichPR to her friends. When not guest blogging for other, Jules’ work can be found at She also owns Z Group PR, a Boise, Idaho based boutique public relations firm specializing in PR, media relations, community outreach, government / public affairs, social media engagement and corporate communications. The firm’s tagline – Everything You Say And Everything You Do Is Public Relations – says it all. Read more…