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Companies Too Dependent on PR Agency?

January 9, 2011 12 comments

As a PR professional for over a decade and a half – mostly on the agency side – I’ve represented lots of companies from early stage start-ups to well established brands. Through no fault of PR, many of the companies I’ve represented no longer exist – some have been aquired, some have reinvented themselves, others have closed thier doors and there are probably others that I just don’t remember.

On a whim I recently searched (Google News) for four of my of my past clients – all of which are still in business – and there was one result. Not one results each, but one results in total. One guest written article. That is all.

When working for these companies the results varied, but safe to say each saw a significant amount of coverage. None of the relationships ended due to lack of coverage. During the engagements I feel like I did all I could to educate the client regarding strategy and tactics necessary for a successful PR program.

Yet none were able to maintain any media visibility. It is sad to see a company completely fall of the map, but part of me feels proud because these results proved that securing coverage for some clients is really really hard. Mostly I wondered WHY these companies were not able to maintain some momentum from their successful media relations programs. Read more…


Stop Trying to Kill Press Releases

November 30, 2009 2 comments

I just finished reading Reich Communications’ Press Release – Dead or Alive in which the point is well made that the press release isn’t dying, but how it is used is evolving.

This leads to a recent poll by Ragan Communications and PollStream in which only 49% of ‘today’s professional communicators’ say they think press releases are “as useful as ever.”

Well, I have a few issues with the wording of the survey. First of all, who the hell are ‘today’s professional communicators?” There are a lot of folks that make a living in ‘communications’ that don’t know a press release from a 10-K.

And, asking if a press release is “as useful as ever,” honestly, 99% should have said NO to a question phrased that way. No one that was practicing PR in 1999 could honestly say that in 2009 the press release is “as useful as ever.” But, don’t cry for the press release just yet.

The press release by itself isn’t as ‘useful’ as it once was, but it also shouldn’t be used by itself anymore. I’d even argue that the press release of old CAN be more useful if it – and the resulting coverage – are leveraged properly.

No before you say I’m taking the poll too literal, lets be clear – I understand the idea behind the survey and I even found it interesting, – but, the press release is now and will remain for years a key communications vehicle for PR professionals. I’m 100% sure.