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Another Vote Against Voter Fraud (and Astroturfing)

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment

I written many times that the PR industry needs to take a stand against astroturfing and voting for client’s products in online polls. It is stupid and immature when anyone engages in this type of behavior, but it is unethical when PR folks do so on behalf of a client.

Here is another example of how such actions (while maybe not by PR folks) has impacted one of our own. In his recent post Voter Fraud Taints Social Media Tools Poll Steve (still TheRealPRMan to me) Farnsworth discusses the experience from his own online poll.

Now let me use this forum to confess that as an 8-year-old Red Sox fan, I may have voted for Fred Lynn 29 (or so) times for the 1976 All Star game, but I was a kid and not the Red Sox general manager or publicist, so it was stupid, but not unethical. Read more…