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Stop Trying to Define Public Relations

March 31, 2011 14 comments

Fine, maybe I can’t define public relations. So what?

Why does everyone suddenly seem determined to find a clear definition? What is public relations is a question that inspires lots of opinions, yet we never seem to get a final answer. Most of us that have been in ‘the industry’ for a long time feel like we know what public relations is, so here is my answer…

Wait a second. Why, do we need to do this again? Okay, sure, it is strange that the profession has been around a long time and yet, we still don’t seem to agree on the definition, but, do we need one?

Do we have a universally agree upon definition of Love? Marriage? Do we agree on what Fun means? These things are (sorry to say) more important to me than public relations.

Okay, philosophical issues out of the way. An industry probably does require a definition. So let’s take a look at some of the recent work that has been done in this area. While there is no shortage of attempts to define public relations, there are a few recent ones that inspired this post, so let’s start there. Read more…


Public Relations 2011: Issues, Insights Ideas

March 13, 2011 1 comment

If you are visiting this blog – and you are – you are probably interested in reading about Public Relations, Social Media and Communications, so here is a resource worth checking out.

Public Relations 2011 Issues Insights Ideas is an ebook project that is the brainchild of Craig Pearce. Craig, who is a favorite of this blogger, is an accomplished PR / communications professional currently running his own consultancy.

I was honored that Craig asked me to contribute to this project and truly humbled when I realized the caliber of the other contributors.

The report features articles by 11 authors – 10 industry leaders (and me) – from all over the globe including Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S., England and Australia and is freely available to email subscribers of Craig Pearce’s blog, Public relations and managing reputation.

Craig said that he put the report together as he wanted to collect some smart thinking in a single location from intelligent global peers that would be of use to PR professionals.

As I read the rest of the content, I expect that I’ll provide additional commentary regarding my fellow authors’ work, but I’m a slow reader, so don’t wait for me. A free copy is available from Criag’s blog – Public relations and managing reputation.

DISCLOSURE: For those of you looking for full disclosure that I’m positioned to make millions from this project and therefore have a vested interest in its success, keep looking. While I hope this project has positive results for Craig, for me it was simply an honor to be considered worthy of inclusion. Of course, don’t get me wrong I’ll let Craig buy me a beer or two for my trouble.

Illustration provided by Pennington & Co.

Don’t Follow the Leaders

March 7, 2011 8 comments

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it can be a bad social media strategy.

Early on, as kids, we learn that sometimes you need to crawl before you can walk.

When you start playing sports you quickly learn that you can’t immediately make the one-handed catches or dunks like you see you favorite athletes doing on TV.

When you start a job, you know that while it may be okay for the boss to come in late, leave early or take a long lunch, it isn’t okay for you to do so as the new guy.

But, for some reason, maybe because it has been touted as the great equalizer where everyone has an equal voice, people don’t think that social media requires training wheels. Read more…