My Favorite Posts

Is Ghost Blogging Ethical? This September 2010 post is the first of the 4 Communications Issues. 4 Perspectives. 4 Weeks. Blog Series.

Top 35 Communications Practices is result of the 4/4/4 blog series. The October 2010 post includes content from a number of bloggers including my 4/4/4 partners – Steve Farnsworth, Lou Hoffman and Todd Defren.


— Don’t be a Social Media Stooge post from May 2011 is one of my favorites in large part because it was fun to write. It also gave me an opportunity to take a simply and lighthearted approach to what you should and shouldn’t do on social media. As usual, my point is that – it isn’t that hard. Don’t overcomplicate it.


— Is Social Media BAD for PR? this post from July 2011 put forth a simple premise: Social media is an in-house communications function that could lead to a shift toward more in-house public relations. The good news is that if you don’t agree with that opinion, you can check out my own reply Is Social Media GOOD for PR?


— Farewell to Public Relations in this February 2011 post, I declared that after 15 years of identifying myself as a PR guy, today is the end. No more answering to PR dude, PR hack, PR flack etc. This was my rebirth. The day that I finally acknowledged that the industry has changed too much for me to be anything less than a communications professional.


Your First PR Job Shouldn’t Suck THIS Bad post from July 2010 allowed me to share some personal experiences from early in my PR career. This post remained the most read post on my blog for months and still ranks as one of the most popular.


PR Needs More Diversity post from April 2010 looks the lack of representation of corporate communications professionals online.


Cover Blogs: PRs Greatest Hits includes some of my favorites posts by other bloggers. Originally posted in March 2010.


PR Industry Misses Chance to Take a Stand discusses the case of Chris Dovi being fired as a result of his interaction with a PR agency. This February 2010 post looks at the PR industry’s (lack of) reaction to Dovi’s situation.


PR33 Best PR Blogs of 2011 is a list of top PR blogs – how original!? Yeah, I know this has been done before and other lists have been compiled much more scientifically, but this blog is about sharing opinions, so here (in my opinion with input from many of you) are the 2011 PR33 – the top PR / Communications bloggers.


PR Needs More Controversy post from February 2010 ranks as one of my favorites because it is one of my first posts to receive significant feedback via Twitter.


Photo by Salvatore Vuono
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