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Do Social Media Tools Matter?

January 24, 2011 2 comments

Is your favorite social media tool a digital audio tape?

In the recent PRWeek, Rob Longert – a digital media strategist at M Booth and Associates – wrote about Social Media Tools That Work for PR Pros. It was a good and helpful piece, but it got me thinking.

While I reserve the right to change my mind, today my feeling is that the social media tools we will be using 3 years from today, will look very different from today’s tools.

Is Quora going to be a DAT cassette? History says that vinyl records and cassettes were replaced by CDs, but don’t forget about the often overlooked DAT era…or error as it were. Like its cousin the Betamax, Digital Audio Tapes or DATs were supposed to be the next hot consumer technology. While they didn’t last long, for a period of time, DATs were – well all dat. All the cool kids had them. You know the cool kids, they are the same ones that now, all grown up, have recently purchased a 3-D TV even though there is little to no programing available. Read more…


Lists and Daily Newspapers – A Case Study

January 19, 2011 1 comment

While this blog is usually about public relations and communications, from time-to-time blogging about – well, blogging and my ongoing social media experiment seems appropriate.

In the past few weeks, I’ve published a list of top communications bloggers – PR33 and stopped ‘publishing’ the automated newspaper based on my Twitter stream.

Here is a quick case study based on my experience.

The list: I’ve heard all the criticism and felt the eye rolls of people who said publishing a list of top PR / communications blogs is lame, a cheap stunt for traffic, overdone, unoriginal, and my favorite criticism being that creating a list of people with similar interest is limiting because you can learn more from reading blogs outside your own industry.

The PR33 list was created as a resource for others looking for some quality blogs; to provide some acknowledgement for some of my favorite bloggers; and to expose some lesser known bloggers to a larger audience. Read more…

Companies Too Dependent on PR Agency?

January 9, 2011 12 comments

As a PR professional for over a decade and a half – mostly on the agency side – I’ve represented lots of companies from early stage start-ups to well established brands. Through no fault of PR, many of the companies I’ve represented no longer exist – some have been aquired, some have reinvented themselves, others have closed thier doors and there are probably others that I just don’t remember.

On a whim I recently searched (Google News) for four of my of my past clients – all of which are still in business – and there was one result. Not one results each, but one results in total. One guest written article. That is all.

When working for these companies the results varied, but safe to say each saw a significant amount of coverage. None of the relationships ended due to lack of coverage. During the engagements I feel like I did all I could to educate the client regarding strategy and tactics necessary for a successful PR program.

Yet none were able to maintain any media visibility. It is sad to see a company completely fall of the map, but part of me feels proud because these results proved that securing coverage for some clients is really really hard. Mostly I wondered WHY these companies were not able to maintain some momentum from their successful media relations programs. Read more…

PR33 – Top PR / Communications Blogs 2011

January 2, 2011 32 comments

A list of top PR blogs – how original!? Yeah, I know this has been done before and other lists have been compiled much more scientifically, but this blog is about sharing opinions, so here (in my opinion with input from many of you) are the 2011 PR33 – the top PR / Communications bloggers.

Notes and disclaimers: These are not ‘just’ PR people on this list. public relations needs to continue to expand its reach to include social media and core marketing disciplines, so you’ll see that reflected in this list.

While I was willing to accept cash for placement on this list, no one was willing to ‘donate’ so; I can honestly say that I received no monetary gain from including anyone on this list. Truth be told, I know some of these people and have some level of professional / personal relationships with some of them. If you have any questions regarding my motivation feel free to ask, but I’ve made note where I thought is was necessary.

In no particular order here are the 2011 PR33. Read more…