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Calling BS on SM Leaders’ MO

January 29, 2012 8 comments

The following post is meant to be a public (relations) service message for social media leaders (and followers alike) that would do well to hear from a (admittedly self-proclaimed) representative of the silent masses. In other words – on behalf of the non-leaders, this blogger is calling BS on the modus operandi of many social media leaders.

For the most part, people online are extremely positive and exceedingly polite. Because of this, some online behaviors have gone unchecked. Now, I’m not smart enough to provide social media advice and this blog isn’t meant to suggest that anyone change what they are doing, but simply to articulate what many others are thinking.

Vanity URL abusers: Sure personalized URLs can be good for branding and help with tracking traffic etc. but, no matter what the stats say, there are a number (the size and importance of that number is debatable) of people that out of principal will simply refuse to click on the URL. Which, if not mistaken, kind of defeats the idea behind the vanity link.

True leaders apparently never follow: To those that are followed by the equivalent of Baltimore, Maryland (over 600K) yet follow back a number closer to the population of Baltimore, Vermont (around 250), it doesn’t matter how many accounts you have or what kind of experiment is being conducted, this looks arrogant. Of course, the right balance of following and followers can be debated, but what can’t be debated is that a real social media expert should be able to figure out how to follow more than a couple of dozen folks without cluttering their Twitter stream. Read more…


2012 PR33 – Top PR / Communications Blogs

January 16, 2012 45 comments

Before unveiling the 2012 PR33 list, here are a couple of semi-personalized notes.

– To the bloggers listed below – many thanks for the quality content over the last 12 months. Also, please don’t feel like you need to send me a public thank you. That’s not why this list was created.

– To visitors looking for top PR / communications blogs – this list reflects countless hours of labor, but it is far from an all-inclusive list. Please feel free to comment below and add your favorites.

– To the bloggers who were on last year’s PR33 but not on this year’s list. It’s not you. It’s me. See companion post for more details.

To those of you about to comment that you hate these ‘best of’ lists – why are you still here?

Finally, wanting this list to be about the folks listed below, any and all further commentary, information, disclaimers and even some bonus selections, can be found on a separate post – Now the Rest of the Story – PR33.

In no particular order – the 2012 PR33.

InkHouse Inklings Twitter: @bamonaghan or @InkHousePR  Leading the 2012 class is Inklings, which is a fantastic example of agency blogging done right. Want to know what makes a PR33 blog, look no further. The blog includes a steady flow and perfect balance of industry specific subjects with entertaining human interest type of posts. Beth Monaghan’s writing is what first won over this blogger (Exhibit A – Breaking News: When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up), but she is also joined by a number of talented bloggers. InkHouse and its blog continues to bring the goods week after week.

The Steveology Blog by Steve Farnsworth  
Twitter: @Steveology 
A returning PR33 blog and a favorite of this blogger, Steve has evolved as well as anyone in social media, from humble beginnings as TheRealPRMan, to his Digital Marketing Mercenary blog, Steve never fails to entertain and educate. Currently, he is creating video content as well and as fast as anyone. He always leads the list of must follow on Twitter. New disclaimer, I finally had the opportunity to meet Steve in person and he is just as smart and funny in real life as he appears online.

PR in Pink by Krista Paplau  
Twitter: @PR_in_Pink
Not sure how to best characterize this next comment, but no one on this list makes this reader smile as much as Krista. Practically every new post, comment and tweet brings either a warm smile or a full-on belly laugh, often complete with snort. It’s not all about humor, her posts are smart and insightful like when she is declaring independence from PR stereotypes. Her sense of humor and her writing style are a joy. She also gets extra credit for staying involved in PR blogging even though she is no longer part of the industry’s daily grind. This gives her a unique and valuable perspective. Enough said. Read more…

Now the Rest of the Story….PR33

January 16, 2012 2 comments

While the true highly-proprietary and closely-guarded research, evaluation and selection process will never be revealed as long as this blogger is still alive, here is some insight into the background behind the 2012 PR33 list.

First, a few links as background; the 2012 PR33Last year’s list, this year’s call for nomination and finally the 2012 PR33 Twitter list.

The original thought behind this year’s PR33 list was to create an entirely  new list with no repeats from 2011, but that seemed disingenuous. It felt like that would make the 2012 list no more than blogs number 34 – 66 and that wouldn’t be right. So, in order to create a new list while avoiding repetition from the 2011 list, the decision was made to limit the number of returning blogs to about half the list. This proved to be the hardest part of the process. Truth be told some quality blogs were probably unfairly disqualified from this year’s list simply because they were recognized a year earlier.

It isn’t you, it’s me. For those on last year’s list but don’t find their name on this year’s list, let me be clear – it isn’t you, it’s me. Seriously, in many cases it means that what I’m looking for in a blog has changed to the point where I’m attempting to expand to alternative points of view. That being said, I do continue to read every blog included in last year’s list. Read more…