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PR33 – Nominations Wanted for Best PR Bloggers

November 10, 2011 1 comment

Earlier this year this blog published a list of the top (in my opinion) 33 communications blogs – 2011 PR33 – and it is time for an update.

Please take a moment and tell me who is your favorite PR / communications blogger.

Lessons learned: After publishing the original list, it became clear that some people are critical of these types of lists. Whatever. Sometimes I am too, but the number of people who thanked me for building the list – and no, not just the people on the list – is reason enough for me to repeat the process.

New for 2012: As of this writing, no decision has been made regarding if blogs from the 2011 list are eligible or not. As of right now, I still like and read most of the blogs on last year’s list. Not wanting the 2012 list to be overly repetitive, I’m leaning toward not allowing any repeats. Again, this is still a work in progress and your nominations will be helpful in making the final decision. Read more…