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2009 Not So Bad For Journalism and Brands

December 29, 2009 1 comment
As the end of the year approaches I can’t help but look back at 2009 and look forward to 2010. Much has been written about how bad 2009 was, but maybe I’m naive, but I don’t think it was so bad.

Much has been written about the death of the journalism and industry layoffs and publication closures, but well I agree that these are bad days for print journalism if you read Advertising Age’s The Last Page it doesn’t paint such a grim picture. I’m sure there are more pubs that closed but this list doesn’t make me very sad. I don’t think this was much of a blow to art or culture.
  • I.D. Magazine
  • Adventure
  • Metropolitan Home
  • VIBE
  • Blender
  • Men’s Vogue
After seeing the second tier pubs that closed I was feeling pretty optimistic so I decided to look further and see what consumer brands we ‘lost’ in 2009. Again, I can’t help but think this wasn’t such a bad year after all. Read more…

Now For Something Completely Different

December 22, 2009 2 comments

This post has little to do with PR, social media or anything else I usually write about. Today is about pointing folks to a blog that I just can’t say enough about – The OCD Diaries written by Bill Brenner.

Some of you may know Bill as the IT security trade journalist (now with CSO and formerly of SearchSecurity). I read CSO (from time to time) and I follow Bill on Twitter because of my job as a high tech (security focused) PR hack. So, when he recently announced that he was launching his own blog about his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), I was interested in the opportunity to learn more about a person I’ve worked with a handful of times, but can’t say that I know even the slightest.

In fact, based on my limited interaction with Bill and in following him on Twitter I would have described him as humorous and laid back, little did I know that he was suffering with a long line of illnesses.

I need to make this very clear that Bill’s blog is not about looking for pity or bragging about what he has overcome. It isn’t like that.

The more I read Bill’s blog and looked into his bio I was struck by the fact that he is about my age, lives in the same area, he was editor at a newspaper that I work at as a stringer / glorified intern and he went to the same college, listens to the same 80s era metal bands and there are a number of other similarities in our family life, but happily for me, the similarities end there. Read more…

Social Media and PR – Can’t We All Get Along?

December 18, 2009 2 comments

Thanks to tweets from @Steveology I came to read ZAC’s (Zachary Adam Cohen) recent blog post PR Firms: Zombie Wasteland and I couldn’t type a reply quickly enough and in fact long before I started to type I realized that Jules Zunich had already posted a very thoughtful reply. So if you want a thoughtful reply see her piece. The below is a bit of a rant, but it will make me feel better. I actually thought twice about posting a reply at all when I realized that clearly Zac wants some attention for his piece – which is why he said he is: totally expecting to get my head ripped off on some of my claims…so have at it’ but then I realized that this is an interesting topic and while I am not a head-ripper, there are a few points that can’t go unchallenged.

Such as: Traditional agencies exude a 20th Century mindset that is all about control,  protection, crisis management and most of all, gate-keeping. In other words,  the exact antithesis of  everything the social world is about.’

Wow, I must suck at my traditional PR job because I don’t have the mindset of control, protection, crisis management or gate-keeping. My traditional PR agency experience has been largely focused on B2B high technology clients, which means it is all about publicity, messaging, media coverage, buzz and reputation management. It also is one of the last industry segments that need to adopt social media. No one is buying a $500,000 router from twitter. (I’ll probably get MY head ripped off for that over generalization).
Maybe it is because I’m a slow legacy PR guy, but I had to re-read this next part several times to figure out if he was serious or not:
 ‘By the time that traditional PR firms catch up to what is going on in social  media, which even now they still seem to be having trouble with, the mobile  and social firms will be WAY ahead of them.’ Read more…

What Kind of Blogger are You?

December 4, 2009 1 comment

Like a lot of people I get a bit reflective around this time of year. Recently I was looking back at several month of posts and I started to wonder what kind of blogger I am. Which quickly took me down the path of how does one define type of blogger. Here is my take.

Wannabe author: This blogger posts 2000 word manuscripts about once per week. Tell tale signs to spot this blogger includes a blog title that is about a paragraph long: This blog is about my personal experiences from childhood to my early years as a struggling journalism student to my current day occupation as a freelance writer, amateur jogger, occasional poet, commentators on all things everywhere, jack of all trades yet master of none…

Drive by blogger: This blogger is only capable of regurgitating recent news stories with insightful commentary like: “Sucks to be Tiger Woods today.” Tell tale signs include posting multiple times a day about things other people have already written. Sometimes referred to as The Repeater.

I, Me, My blogger: This blogger actually believes that people care what he / she thinks about everything. Tell tale signs include posting several times a week often leading off with:

“Sorry it has been so long between posts”OR “Hope you will forgive me for not posting in several hours.” Other distinguishing characteristics include referring to him / herself as “Me 2.0” or “my brand identity.” Sometimes referred to as The Narcissist. Read more…