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AllTop Summer Reading Tour – Chapter Three

July 31, 2010 1 comment

Chapter three of my summer reading tour brings us to PR Mama…a self proclaimed sporadic blogger has what I’d call a difficult to hide sense of humor. It clearly slips into everything she writes from her bio that describes why her blog isn’t about being a mom or about being a PR person because as she sarcastically asks – ‘don’t we already have enough of those?” to the description of her husband affectionately called simply “the Russian”.

If you are only going to read on post to get a sense of her writing, I’d suggest I Am in Control Here. And yes, Stephanie if you are reading this, I do know what an Alexander Haig moment is and loved the reference. Read more…

Your First PR Job Shouldn’t Suck THIS bad

July 20, 2010 5 comments

For the last couple of months now I’ve been surprised by the number of PR blogger that are offering up career advice. The one (fairly) recent post that particularly caught my attention was Todd Defren’s Open Letter to Millennials blog in which he ends with a note that Shift is hiring. In this blog (and his follow-up post) he makes a very compelling point that entry level PR folks should stick it out in their first job because ‘it is supposed to suck’.

I have mixed emotions reading that line. First I wish someone (with Defren’s cred) had told me that when I started out, but I also know that it wouldn’t have changed anything for me early in my career.

I won’t disparage the agency by name (and you won’t necessarily even find it on my resume), but I have to share an early PR agency experience. The agency I worked for had lots of ethical issues – too many and too long ago to get into here – but the final straw for me was after working there for about 6 months my mother died. I took a week off to be with my family attend the arrangements etc. when I returned to work I was forced to attend a ‘company outing’ which was so forced and contrived that it has soured me on all future corporate outings to this day. (a little insight here to my current co-workers who wonder why I don’t attend company events) Read more…

AllTop Summer Reading Tour – Chapter Two

July 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Chapter two of my summer reading series is a short one after looking at next up was PRBlogNews.

There have been a couple (three) of posts since this one, but this tell you all you need to know. I always wonder what happened to a blogger when you find an abandoned blog, but Mark Rose takes away all the guess work. Thanks Mark. I appreciate the closure. Sorry I missed you.

Going out on top – happy new year
On December 30, 2009 Mark Rose posted…’Going out on Top – Happy New Year’ in which he says “I’ve always been a sporadic blogger so it’s not that big a stretch to become a non-blogger – at least in this forum. Business has been booming – taking an increasing portion of my time. We’ve re-designed our website, re-calibrated (I love that word) our business and I can’t pay attention to this blog anymore.”

Recommendation: Worth checking out from time-to-time to see if he has re-calibrated again and has returned to blogging.

AllTop Summer Reading Tour – Chapter One

July 8, 2010 Leave a comment

As mentioned in an earlier post my summer reading assignment is to look at all the PR blogs listed on All Top’s PR page.

I’m randomly starting with The process may change over the summer for now, the general idea is to check out the blog as a new visitor would – read the most recent posts, see how much time laspes between posts and make a quick / snap (often unfair) decision regarding the merits of visiting this blog in the future.

In one of his most recent posts (June 17), Stuart asks – Can PR survive competition from management consultancies? The post looks at the news that “renowned management consultancy McKinsey is to start counseling its clients on social media” and according to Stuart that “should send a shiver down the spines of public relations and corporate communications consultancies.”

It is an interesting read and news that I hadn’t heard before, so I continued to read. And, I’m glad I did. The blog certainly got more interesting when I read a post from May 13 in which Stuart expands on an earlier apology – More apologies from the big, bad wolf – stemming from an incident where Stuart’s agency posted a blog calling out another PR agency and its client. While Stuart didn’t write the orignial blog in question he did review it and took the blame for publically naming names. Read more…

In Search of Klout – as seen on Twitter

July 2, 2010 Leave a comment

The following Tweets were sent (in 5 minute intervals) on July 2nd.

Instead of publishing a list of #Klout related questions on my blog – I’ve decided to tweet it in an attempt to up my Klout rating. (1/10)

Will #Klout change the way people interact on Twitter? (2/10) Read more…