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PR WIRL February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012 8 comments

Okay, it’s still not a very catchy title, but this is still a work in progress.

As mentioned when publishing the 2012 PR33 list, a new recurring feature on this blog will be PR WIRLWhat I’m Reading Lately – which will highlight some of the best blogs, articles, books etc.

The general idea here is simple. I appreciate when someone recommends something for me to read. And, I’ve found that there are lots of things out there that deserved to be shared. Enough said.

While these posts certainly don’t need any additional commentary from me, it is worth noting that these six blogs highlight some of the best thoughts regarding Bruins goalie Tim Thomas’ recent media firestorm and the ongoing debate regarding the PR industry’s failed attempt to find leadership capable of serving itself. So much for no commentary from me. Anyway, read these six blogs and you’ll be smarter.

————– Tim Thomas
Four Communications Keys for Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas by @Jimbarbagallo

If I were Tim Thomas’ PR counsel, I would advise him of these four communication keys:

▪ as a public figure, your personal and professional lives are inextricably connected.  People read your Facebook page for only one reason:  you are a public figure;

▪ you can’t be provocative and controversial and then expect to be allowed to run and hide.  Stand up to your convictions;

▪ you’re a hero to Bostonians because you’re a winner.  You’re enjoying the halo affect of a career season. But like most things, halo affects have a shelf life. And they are typically shorter in Boston than in other towns, and

▪ be proactive instead of defensive (not a hockey pun).  Let your fans see who you really are — the man behind the mask and the Wall.  How about a “town meeting” for your fans (and the media) after the season, where you can explain your important positions on politics and religion because you clearly have a lot to say. The rest of the story.


Social Media Policy: The Blurry Line Between Personal and Professional by @TedWeismann

For anyone advising companies on social media policy, the Tim Thomas situation is a fascinating case study in action.

Thomas is the starting goaltender for the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins. He set records in last year for making the most saves during the Stanley Cup Finals and having the highest save percentage in history during the regular season. He capped his historic year by being the first goalie to earn a shut out on the road during game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, and winning awards for playoff MVP and best goalie in the league.

 Now there is the distinct possibility the Bruins will trade him this year. Crazy thought. Here’s why. The rest of the story.

————–  Defining Public Relations (Note: comment sections worth a read too)

Redefining Public Relations by @Ginidietrich

Right before the holidays, PRSA embarked on a new initiative: Redefining public relations.

An admirable undertaking and one that surely was not to please everyone, they made an impressive decision to have the definition crowdsourced.

 There were, of course, some flaws in how you could submit your definition. In an effort, I would guess, to make everything uniform and make it easier for them to get through all of the responses (nearly 1,000 of them). The rest of the story.


We Cannot Define PR by @Soulati

I am pretty much over this topic of redefining public relations, my core profession. Last year on this blog, we set out to do that very thing and engaged the globe in the best crowd-sourcing activity I’ve ever facilitated. It was high energy, awesome to have people on board, it was heady, and it was the coolest spur-of-the-moment thing I’ve ever done on my blog.

The outcome was a definition that came to be from a variety of sources, words, disciplines, expertise, practitioners seasoned and newbie, and those not in public relations. The rest of the story.


PRSA’s #PRdefined: Please Don’t Redefine Failure by @Frank_Strong

I contend PRSA’s method for soliciting input — its crowd source methodology — was biased.  The PR community was asked to fill in the blanks on a sentence that was already three-quarters complete. That’s a leading question and suggests to me the committee started with a prejudicial definition. It’s not research yet PRSA’s defense is that we’ll hey, everyone else is doing it. 

So much for differentiation.  It reminds me of the famous psychology experiment with monkeys, bananas and a sprinkler system. The monkeys end up avoiding something new, but do not understand why.

 That is not research and I find it absolutely mind-numbing that PRSA publicly agrees the new definitions “suck,” yet has resolved to stay the course. The rest of the story.


The Fight to Redefine Public Relations by @cnahil

So, here’s Nahil’s first take on public relations defined:

Public relations is the function within any organization that drives the creation and execution of communications programs that project the organization’s key messaging and positioning to specific audiences. These programs are most often delivered through earned media or owned media channels and, when taken together, serve to build a credible and compelling public image for the organization.

And your thoughts? The rest of the story.


Photo by my wife or daughter.