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Back in June

April 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Because I hate when I check out a blog only to find that the content hasn’t been updated and there is no way to tell if the author is on vacation, dead or just stopped blogging – so I decided to post a note that for a variety of reasons I’ve decided to stop blogging until June.

Without a doubt the PR industry I’ve worked in for over a decade is changing rapidly and I’m still interested in discussing those changes, but I need to take the next month off.

I’ll still on Twitter if you are really interested in what I’m doing


PR Needs More Diversity

April 12, 2010 5 comments

No, not diversity in gender, or race or even political views, I mean we need more corporate PR folks involved in the conversation.

Over the past several months I’ve met some very smart PR professionals and have had some very interesting conversations via blogs and Twitter. But something was missing from the conversation.¬†In real life you can’t get a bunch of (experienced) PR people together without eventually having the conversation turn to which delivers more value PR agencies or in-house PR departments.

There are two potential answers for this lack of agency vs in-house discussion:

  • Agency vs in-house is a taboo subject that people are afraid to talk about. Not likely.
  • There simply are not enough dissenting opinions for a dialog. This gets my vote. Read more…