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Perspective is Everything

Blogging Lessons Learned by Not Blogging (Part one of two)

Perspective is everything. Sometimes you need to stop doing something to really miss it. Spending a month away from this blog provided an opportunity to recharge,  refresh and re-examine why I’m doing this. It’s like the board runner that experiences an injury only to realize how much they miss running after all.

I started this blog several months ago because in my role as a PR / communications professional I was advising clients about blogs and social media, so I decided that there was no better way to provide authoritative advice than doing it myself. I’ve read all the books, blogs and articles about corporate blogging, but there is no better way to lean than by doing.

Yes, I realize that my personal PR blog is far different than being the corporate voice for a company, but none the less, the experience has provided a very educational journey.

What this experience taught me will be of value to my clients for years to come, but here are a few of the highlights. While these tips aren’t new on their surface it is the experience behind these tips that will help me provide insightful (first-hand experience) perspective to my clients. Here are some of warnings I’d pass on to beginning bloggers.

  • Blogging is work. And like work it takes effort, time and a professional approach.
  • Blogging is hard. Writting the blog is LESS THAN half the work. There is creating ideas, editing, promoting, cross links, back link, responding to comments and commenting on other similar blogs etc.
  • Just follow the rules. Starting to blog with no guidelines and no rules can be overwhelming. There are a number of different schools of thought regarding the type of content, the number of voices, the style, the tone, frequently interaction with Twitter (or other social network) and honestly it probably doesn’t matter which set of rules you adopt as long as you find some you can deal with and follow them.
  • Blogging is a marathon not a sprint – to paraphrase an over-used baseball analogy.   Blogging isn’t about immediate gratification, it is about creating relationships, becoming involved in a dialog and establishing a voice. And those things take time.
  • Step outside your comfort zone. If you are always right you’re not trying hard enough. A blog doesn’t need to be controversial, but if you are blogging that nice days are nice or that bad people suck you are not adding anything to the greater industry conversation. Stating the obvious and always taking the safe stand can be boring and boring is worse than being wrong.
But, don’t despair my next post will provide a more positive outlook for beginning bloggers. Tip for beginners – that there is called a tease.
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