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Called Out By The GreenBanana

March 29, 2009 Leave a comment

I recently stumbled across Heather Yaxley’s GreenBanana view of public relations and more and I found the PR overloads Twitter entry to be very funny. The blog wondered if PR folks were responsible for Twitter being over capacity so often.

In a blog reply, I agreed that this was probably the case and added that it is probably also true that PR folks are not only overloading Twitter, but that PR folks are also overusing Twitter.

My point of contention is that too many PR folks are following publications, which is simply a glorified RSS feed. In fact, The NYTimes recently tweeted this same point when it asked what followers would like to see its tweets used for because they admit the tweets are pushing the same content as its RSS feed. Read more…


Mckeay’s Tweet Post is Right On

March 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Martin McKeay’s recent post Tweet like your mother is going to read it is right on. It is such a simple and common sense idea, but clearly not many people are listening to this advice.

I just replied to McKeay’s blog and as I was typing I remembered one of my favorite often quoted (or poorly paraphrased) lines. “Never write if you can speak, never speak if you can nod and never nod if you can wink” Martin Lomasney said it, but I first heard it referenced by Howie Carr.

I work with an office full or PR folks that can’t get enough of twitter and Facebook etc. which is all fine, but people do forget that anyone can find this information. Think about it, anytime a company hires a new employee what is the fist thing co-workers do… check google and facebook to see what dirt can be found. Read more…

Social Media to Replace Email

March 22, 2009 Leave a comment

On Friday I read a PRSA article asking if email is outdated and while I tried to ignore the premise as being silly, I can’t help but think how short-sighted that is on my part.

Deep down, I guess I know that social networking sites will replacing email as the top communication method, but I’m not quite ready to say email is outdated.

I’m old enough to remember a similar conversations the industry had about 10+ years ago when we wondered if will email would replace fax machines for press release distribution. In case you didn’t notice – it did and quickly.

I don’t think the transition away from email will be so quick. The reason the transition from fax to email was so fast is because it was a better process for everyone. Journalist liked it better and PR folks loved it because it was faster, better and easier. And no more paper cuts.

But, that transition was also eased by the fact that PR folks could still call journalist and ask the famous question, ‘did you get my press release?’ but will we be able to do that with social networks. ‘did you get my tweet?’ Or ‘I’m IMing to followup on my recent post, did you see it?’ Read more…