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AllTop Summer Reading Tour – Chapter Three

July 31, 2010 1 comment

Chapter three of my summer reading tour brings us to PR Mama…a self proclaimed sporadic blogger has what I’d call a difficult to hide sense of humor. It clearly slips into everything she writes from her bio that describes why her blog isn’t about being a mom or about being a PR person because as she sarcastically asks – ‘don’t we already have enough of those?” to the description of her husband affectionately called simply “the Russian”.

If you are only going to read on post to get a sense of her writing, I’d suggest I Am in Control Here. And yes, Stephanie if you are reading this, I do know what an Alexander Haig moment is and loved the reference. Read more…

AllTop Summer Reading Tour – Chapter Two

July 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Chapter two of my summer reading series is a short one after looking at next up was PRBlogNews.

There have been a couple (three) of posts since this one, but this tell you all you need to know. I always wonder what happened to a blogger when you find an abandoned blog, but Mark Rose takes away all the guess work. Thanks Mark. I appreciate the closure. Sorry I missed you.

Going out on top – happy new year
On December 30, 2009 Mark Rose posted…’Going out on Top – Happy New Year’ in which he says “I’ve always been a sporadic blogger so it’s not that big a stretch to become a non-blogger – at least in this forum. Business has been booming – taking an increasing portion of my time. We’ve re-designed our website, re-calibrated (I love that word) our business and I can’t pay attention to this blog anymore.”

Recommendation: Worth checking out from time-to-time to see if he has re-calibrated again and has returned to blogging.

My Summer Reading Project – All Top

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Because my daughter keeps asking why I make her read during the summer, I’ve assigned myself a summer reading project.

Over the next next couple of months I’ll be visiting every blog and website listed on All Top’s PR page.

When I find something interesting…I’ll share.
If I find something that isn’t interesting…I’ll probably share.
When I find something I agree with…I’ll comment and share.
If I find something I disagree with…you guessed it, I’ll comment and share.

So from sites that I visit often like:
A Shel of my Former Self
Dave Fleet
Perkett PRsuasion
PR Breakfast Club

To some that I’ve recently discovered and new ones I’m looking forward to checking out like:
Jeff Esposito 
PR Mama
Method + Moxie

I’ll read them all. Along the way I expect to find some new favorites and learn something. Now, I better go check in on my daughter’s reading assignment.