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PRAS – Public Relations Alternative Society

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today, President’s Day 2012, the Public Relations Alternative Society (PRAS) has been founded to provide under represented PR professionals with a safe haven for discussions as wild as suggesting a definition for the industry that doesn’t suck.

For reasons why this society has been formed see PR Undefined and PRAS Born. While still a work in progress, here are some ground rules of the PRAS.

  • First, we will not have a president. That is too arrogant for this type of organization.
  • We will not limit membership to America. What’s that about. The world is a small place.
  • We will encourage debate. It’s okay to disagree, but we will do it in a professional manner. No DBs.
  • No dues. Non paying PR professionals have full membership here. If you are in PR (student or professional), you are welcome to be a member of PRAS.
  • And finally, we will discontinue operations immediately if another organization proves capable of meeting the needs of the PR community.

To join, repeat the following:

I (state your name) hereby declare that because no other Public Relations Society in America (or beyond) has proven to accurately represent me, I am a proud member of the Public Relations Alternative Society.

Official membership will also be granted to anyone following on Twitter @PR_Alt.

  1. February 20, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    I was really amazed at the level of discussion and debate this whole definition exercise has kick up. People are really passionate about this initiative– I don’t envy the PRSA for taking up this project, and perhaps they planned for this or didn’t. Either way, it shows the diversity within the PR field and if you’re creating an open community to continue the dialogue, then count me in 🙂

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