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Dear Recruiters – PR Just Wants to be Great

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If the number of inquiries from recruiters is any indication (and it is) then apparently the PR job market is turning around – big time. While I usually hesitate to dish out HR and career advice, I have a quick message to recruiters trying to convince agency PR folks to make the move to the corporate side.

Recruiters often try to entice agency folks with the promise of better salary, more benefits, stock options etc., but I’ll let you in on a little secret, it isn’t about that. Make no mistake, pay and benefits are important, but for the most part, PR folks look to make the move to the corporate side in large part to be great.

Don’t get me wrong, working at a PR agency is very rewarding. Take it from someone that has spent a large percent of his professional life working at a number of Boston’s finest (and not so finest).

The truth is that the reasons PR folks (the ones worth hiring) would be interested in a move to the corporate side is to help build something to nurture it and watch it grow over time. This is especially true if the position includes responsibility for building new and social media channels.

So, if you are trying to recruit a PR agency professional, stop leading with the promise of more money. Instead tell your candidate that there is more work, intense pressure, tons to learn and that part of the job description is to know everything there is to know about the company, the competitors, the market and all while staying up to date and implementing all the latest and greatest communications techniques. Trust me, you may be surprised, but this can be very appealing to the right person.

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    Hey Paul — Sure enough, headhunter call volume is often an indicator of an uptick in the economy, though as often as not these calls can be from recruiters working on “spec.” In other words, they don’t have a contract with the hiring company but know about openings and have some sort of “in.” In any case, more hiring is always good news. I think the most important question to be answered when considering a jump from agency to in-house is “how important is PR to the organization?” In other words, how close to the core of the business model and process is the PR function and team. In an agency environment, we are surrounded by communications professionals — PR is the center of everything and everybody understands what it is we do and why it’s vital. However, in some corporate gigs PR is banished to org chart Siberia and, while many execs will tell you they know all about PR, few really understand the scope of PR’s role and it’s potential impact on a dynamic organization. Basically, a great answer to that fundamental question is what I want to hear from a recruiter before we get to any conversation about title, salary, benes etc.

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