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My New Home

December 9, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Welcome to my new home. While my old home was good to me and will remain in open for a little while, I recently decided that as we tiptoe toward a new year it was time for a fresh start. I looked long for a new place to call my own and this place is so perfect, it has my name on it…literally.

For a number of reasons I’ve decided that it was time to spend less than a day’s lunch money to purchase paulrobertspr.com and I also took this opportunity to move to a new blogging platform WordPress.

I’ve mentioned it a time or two that one of the reasons that I decided to launch this blog is to become a better communications professional and a large part of that effort includes gaining valuable first-hand experience of blogging and participating via social media.

At the end of the day, I’m a communications professional whose goal is to deliver superior value to my employer / clients and a large part of that can only be accomplished by learning and growing. If I happen to have some fun along the way and meet some cool new friends – all the better.

There is no doubt that that PR / Communications industry is changing rapidly. In order to keep current we need to continue to learn and nothing teaches better than hands-on experience. Helping a client create a blog is great and brainstorming topics is important, but being able to say that you put your name on the blog and you took the ridicule if a month went by without  new post – is invaluable.

So, while the goal of this blog remains the same – to learn, to communicate, to interact – the recent changes are part of an evolution and a hopefully an improvement.

Thanks to everyone that followed me over from my previous blog.


Photo by Salvatore Vuono.

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