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Top 35 Communications Practices

What happens when 7 communications professionals weigh in on The Top 5 Communications Practices Organizations Need to Implement? Well, in short you get 35 different answers.

Here are the 35 top tips as blogged by Steve Farnsworth, Lou Hoffman, Todd Defren, Don Jennings, Suzanne Moran and Dan Holden. If others blogged on the same topic, please feel free to drop me a line and I’ll expand the list.
Kicking off the list is the man behind the #444PR blog series. Steve Farnsworth. Read his full post to get the complete story.
• Kill Your Spokesperson
• Go Vertical
• Be Truthful and Do Good
• Measure Your Impact
• Listen-Up

Lou Hoffman kicks off his list by going biblical. Read his full post.
• Know Thy Audience
• Embrace the “One-to-one” Mantra
• Establish Content Bureaus
• Start Experimenting with Bottom-up Communications
• Change the Reporting Structure of Global Comms to Squeeze Out the Politics

• Experiment with Facebook Ads
• Experiment with Flowtown
• Experiment with Booshaka, Twithority, IceRocket, etc.
• Experiment with video
• Experiment with your employees

Don Jennings‘ post hits on the often-overlooked basics. His full post is on the LP&P blog.
• Listen Actively
• Engage Appropriately
• Keep Consistent
• Assess and Tweak
• Maintain Relevance

Suzanne Moran provides some good to do’s. Read her full post.
• Try to ask “why” as many times as you can
• Value the ability to communicate not just the ability to use the communication tools
• Don’t approach social media as something you have to do
• Don’t stay static
• No matter how busy things get devote some time to slow down every once in a while and ask “What if?”

Dan Holden has some very honest and straight forward advice. His full post can be found here.
• Stop trying to make marketing a subset of sales
• Find a value proposition that is not a reaction to your competition
• Find at least two people on your executive staff who are not afraid to talk to the media and industry influencers
• Avoid the temptation to inject sales pitches into everything you say and do.
• Bloggers are journalists

And finally, I seem to be the only one that took a David Letterman (count down from 5 to 1) approach. My post can be found just down the virtual road.
• Evaluate positioning and messaging (5)
• PR / Communications planning (4)
• Blog (3)
• Build team of bloggers (2)
• Stop ignoring social media (1)
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