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Next up – 4/4/4 Blog Series

September 4, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I better clean this place up…company is coming.

While I appreciate my loyal reader or two, I can’t help but think that this blog may be seen by a few extra folks over the next month.

Starting on Wednesday and continuing for the next four weeks, I’ll be taking part in Steve Farnsworth’s brainchild 4/4/4 – Four Communications Issues. Four Perspective. Four Weeks. Blog Series.

This blogging series includes Steve Farnsworth, Lou Hoffman, Todd Defren and…well, me. Not to seem overly self-deprecating,  but don’t worry, I know I’m that ‘one of these things isn’t like the other.’

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to PR, I’m confident in my ability and I don’t feel that I need to take a back seat to anyone. But, public personality, self promotion (not in a bad way), professional PR blogging and tweeting chops. Okay, I’ll be in the third row seat if anyone is looking for me.

So, how did I get invite…how did this happen? Well, it worked the way social media is supposed to work. It all started very simply. I read a blog post by Steve Farnsworth in which he was interviewing (another guy who’s blog I read often) Lou Hoffman and I posted a reply asking both Steve and Lou for their thoughts regarding some corporate blogging topics in which I was interested. And very quickly – I’m talking within an hour – Steve had started the wheels in motion to create this 4/4/4 blogging series. He’s a bright guy if you didn’t already notice.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of the attention that his blog has gotten in the last several months. It has helped me to engage with lots of interesting folks via Twitter, it’s received mentions on LP&P’s Beyond the Hype, Andrew Worob’s backhanded complement at PR at Sunrise, picked-up by Ragan’s Daily newsletter and mentioned in Jules Zunich’s PR Road Show and other PR Rescue Missions.

But, unlike my fellow 4/4/4 bloggers, I don’t do this for a living. Hell, any of the tweets you see from me during (ahem) business hours are either sent from my phone during lunch or scheduled from the night before. In other words, blogging and tweeting about PR isn’t an encouraged part of my job. In fact…shhh, I’m not sure people I work with even know I’m writing this.

While I (like Popeye) ‘yams whats I ams’ I do sometimes wish I had more time devote to this blog. So, for anyone stopping by for the first time as a result of the 4/4/4 — sorry I didn’t have more of a chance to tidy up.
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