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Blogging Gone Right

A while back, I wrote that PR needs more diversity – specifically PR blogs and Twitter conversations about PR needed more insight from corporate side PR folks.

From that blog post I received a bunch of RTs, a couple of interesting comments and some folks like @BMorePRGuy provided me with the names and Twitter handles of lots of good smart corporate side PR folks. It started a conversation.
One twitter connection that took a real interest in the larger question ‘which delivers more value PR agencies or in-house PR departments’ was Don Jennings. Don and I had a couple of conversations about this topic via Twitter and today Don posted the following blog on the Lois Paul & Partners Beyond the Hype blog.

A while back, Paul Roberts, a PR practitioner and all around good Twitterer  (@paulrobertspar), asked an open-ended question, “Which delivers more value, PR agencies or in-house PR departments?” in a blog he wrote here. In the interest of full disclosure I can’t vouch for Paul outside Twitter, but based on his profile I feel like we’d have more than a few things in common aside from PR and social media, including (bad) golf. I would have thought the question he asked would spur a great deal of discussion.

Surprisingly, crickets began to chirp.

His post goes on to make some interesting point, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d suggest you check it out http://blog.loispaul.com/blog/2010/08/a-hat-tip-to-spur-discussion.html.

Hopefully, Don’s post will bring some more folks into the discussion, but even if we never get an answer regarding agency vs. in-house PR, it is great to see a blog post work the way that we often tell our clients it should work – starting a conversation.
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