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AllTop Summer Reading Tour – Chapter Four

For chapter four of my Summer Reading Tour I turn to Jeff Esposito or some of you may know him as @jeffespo. If you are active on Twitter and in PR in the Boston area the odds are good that you’re familiar with Jeff. In addition to his blog he is popular on Twitter with over 2,000 followers.

His blog is easy for first-time visitors to get a flavor for this writing. He lists his most popular recent posts and if for some reason you don’t like what he has to say you can still be amused by the Cartoon of the day feature. Seriously, this blog is a good find for anyone interesting in reading an insider’s view on PR and social media. While the blog isn’t about his job (PR dude at Vistaprint) necessarily, Jeff’s opinions clearly come from an experienced PR pro that is involved in day-to-day hands on PR and SM.

He writes a lot and very regularly. His blog hits on lots of good (industry-wide) topics such as examining the use of the word Spin to describe what PR folks do for a living.

Influenced by his former PR jobs which includes stints with the Long Island Ducks, Baltimore Ravens, New York Knicks and New Jersey Devils he also is able to weave in a number of sport related topics – PR and sports – always a good combo, in my opinion.

His Five for Friday is a great ongoing feature in which ESPO highlights the 5 top blog / news stories of the week. It is my new must read on Fridays.

Jeff’s a self-proclaimed fan of NJ Devils, BoSox, Ravens, social media, craft beer, home brewing, good wines/scotch/cigars and having a good ole time – while I question the Devils and Ravens things, this guy can’t be all bad.  He falls into a new rating system — PR bloggers I’d have a beer with.

Recommendation: Added to blog roll. Worth checking out regularly. Good blogger to have beer with.

  1. August 23, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Thanks for the review Paul. Would be happy to cheers a pint any time.

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