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AllTop Summer Reading Tour – Chapter Three

Chapter three of my summer reading tour brings us to PR Mama…a self proclaimed sporadic blogger has what I’d call a difficult to hide sense of humor. It clearly slips into everything she writes from her bio that describes why her blog isn’t about being a mom or about being a PR person because as she sarcastically asks – ‘don’t we already have enough of those?” to the description of her husband affectionately called simply “the Russian”.

If you are only going to read on post to get a sense of her writing, I’d suggest I Am in Control Here. And yes, Stephanie if you are reading this, I do know what an Alexander Haig moment is and loved the reference.
Best part of her most recent post regarding her trip to speak at something called EVO ’10 Conference has to be the FTC disclosure at the end:

Love letter to the FTC: I was not comped for my or my family’s accommodations at the conference. I loved the Canyons and will definitely go back on my own dime. We were given free passes to Park City Mountain Resort which we thoroughly appreciated. PCMR rocks and again, I would go back on my own dime. I also paid for every single Wasatch ale I consumed and believe me, there were many. If Wasatch Beers had any sense they would totally sponsor my next trip to Utah although that would probably pose a problem with my client the Boston Beer Company. Who also make a damned fine bottle of beer. But that’s my problem and not yours, FTC. Don’t worry, I’ll sort it out.

Recommendation: Check back from time-to-time and recommend to every woman I know that juggles having a PR career and a family.

Next up on reading tour: http://jeffesposito.com/
  1. August 2, 2010 at 3:54 am

    Thanks for the reco Paul, I’m going to give her a read and probably connect with her on Twitter.

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