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AllTop Summer Reading Tour – Chapter One

As mentioned in an earlier post my summer reading assignment is to look at all the PR blogs listed on All Top’s PR page.

I’m randomly starting with http://stuartbruce.biz/. The process may change over the summer for now, the general idea is to check out the blog as a new visitor would – read the most recent posts, see how much time laspes between posts and make a quick / snap (often unfair) decision regarding the merits of visiting this blog in the future.

In one of his most recent posts (June 17), Stuart asks – Can PR survive competition from management consultancies? The post looks at the news that “renowned management consultancy McKinsey is to start counseling its clients on social media” and according to Stuart that “should send a shiver down the spines of public relations and corporate communications consultancies.”

It is an interesting read and news that I hadn’t heard before, so I continued to read. And, I’m glad I did. The blog certainly got more interesting when I read a post from May 13 in which Stuart expands on an earlier apology – More apologies from the big, bad wolf – stemming from an incident where Stuart’s agency posted a blog calling out another PR agency and its client. While Stuart didn’t write the orignial blog in question he did review it and took the blame for publically naming names.

Lots and lots have been written about the incident, so I feel no need to pile on here, but instead I want to say that Stuart did a very nice job in facing the music. The apology came across as honest, sincere and forthcoming. He could have gotten away with a brief – I’m sorry and let’s move on – type of post, but he runs through the entire process. Well done.

And finally, another post that covered a piece of news that I had missed. In a May 6th post – Fast Company: Five steps to earn social currency – in this post, Stuart gives an interesting analysis of a Fast Company article on ‘Five steps to earn social currency’ that looks at the results of research by Vivaldi Partners (an international brand consultancy) and Lightspeed Research. Not sure how I missed that piece at the time, but thanks to http://stuartbruce.biz/ for bringing it to my attention.

Recommendation: Worth checking out regularly.

Next up: PRBlogNews.

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