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Twitter Creates a Blog 2.0 World

I cringe when I see 2.0 added to everything – Web 2.0, PR 2.0, Exercise 2.0, Parenting 2.0, there is even Gas 2.0 and Pizza 2.0, but absurdity and cringing aside, I’m wondering if we are entering the Blog 2.0 era. I’m also wondering if I’m the last to notice this.

It wasn’t long ago that PR folks were advising clients the two golden rules of corporate blogging were to post regularly and encourage comments by commenting on other blogs.

Lengthy blog comments are so Blog 1.0. Well thought out and insightful blog comments are quickly going the way of the big green Bacon’s Media Directory. Some would say that Twitter IS the new comment section and would point to new tools like Chat Catcher that siphon Twitter comments back to a blog post. Clearly Twitter helps bloggers reach a wide audience, but sometimes a blog post can still warrant more than a 140 character reply.

Regularly updated content is so 2009. While it is still a good idea to regularly update blog content, one can’t help but wonder if Twitter is changing this rule too. I read lots of blogs (ok I skim them, but whatever), but for the most part these days I only read a blog after being prompted by the author or a reader’s tweet. Most bloggers promote new posts via Twitter which seems to be making the need for regularly updated content less important than it was a year ago. If readers wait for your tweet to check out your blog it is not very noticeable if you take a few weeks off. Progress? Welcome to Blog 2.0.

This is all just further proof of how quickly PR / marketing / communications is changing. A year ago a PR pro would never would have told a CEO that it is okay to simply post once per month, but now in the brave new Blog 2.0 world, it is safe to say that if supplemented with an active Twitter account and other corporate bloggers, that once a month blog strategy could work.

I can’t wait to see what Blogging 3.0 will look like.

  1. April 29, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    I believe Twitter basically has become the “30 second spot” (to use a TV term) for promoting a blog. While I still feel that we should update blogs as much as possible, the necessity for daily posts isn’t what it use to be.
    You mention comments and a recent blog post of mine was a nice example of this. I received more comments/discussion on Twitter than on my blog.
    Social networking is evolving… I’m excited for what is next.

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