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Cover Blogs: PRs Greatest Hits

You know your favorite band is near the end of its creative years when it starts to cover songs from other bands. Well, hopefully this isn’t like that, but here are a few of my favorite recent posts written by some of my favorite bloggers.

Andrew Worob’s blog PR at Sunrise 10 Communications Professionals Who Deserver More Twitter Followers. Okay, this one is a bit self-serving because I’m referenced in it as one of the unpopular folks on twitter that could use some more followers. Hey, wait a minute…well, Andrew makes it sound much nicer than I just did. It’s worth checking out.

Jules Zunich recently posted PR’s PR Road Show – And Other PR Rescue Missions. Ever since I stumbled across her PR is Not Social Media post I’ve been an unabashed fan. Her humor is evident and she has a very easy-to-read style that is enjoyable and informative. Even though she still won’t add my to her blog roll like she promised :0, she is still one of my favorites. I could have picked any number of her post to list as a favorite, but in another self-serving moment, I selected the one in which she mentions me.

Steve Farnsworth is a prolific (must follow) tweeter. My only compliant about his blogging (and this is meant as a compliment) is that he doesn’t post more often. I always learn something from his posts. One of his most recent Why Are You Wasting Time and Money with Social Media Monitoring Tools discusses many of the popular tool on the market.

I’ve never read the same book twice, but there are some blog posts I return to over and over and this is one of them. PR Squared’s Slippery Slopes discusses the topic of ethical PR and social media transparency. The PR industry needs more people talking about this topic. It is worth reading a couple of times.

Danny Brown‘s An Invite to Pimp Your Blog is one of my favorites not only because of the awesome title, but also because it was such a simple and brilliant idea. One warning, you can’t read Danny’s posts too long before you find yourself adding ‘cheers mate’ to your own vocabulary.

One of the first PR related blogs I started reading regularly was Bob Geller’s Flack’s Revenge.   His blog is educational an entertaining and most of the time after I read his posts I think – ‘man, I should have written that’ or ‘why didn’t I think of it that way.’ His most recent Tech PR, The Reality Show post is another example.

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    Thanks for including me!

    PR at Sunrise – worob.com

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