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What Kind of Blogger are You?

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Like a lot of people I get a bit reflective around this time of year. Recently I was looking back at several month of posts and I started to wonder what kind of blogger I am. Which quickly took me down the path of how does one define type of blogger. Here is my take.

Wannabe author: This blogger posts 2000 word manuscripts about once per week. Tell tale signs to spot this blogger includes a blog title that is about a paragraph long: This blog is about my personal experiences from childhood to my early years as a struggling journalism student to my current day occupation as a freelance writer, amateur jogger, occasional poet, commentators on all things everywhere, jack of all trades yet master of none…

Drive by blogger: This blogger is only capable of regurgitating recent news stories with insightful commentary like: “Sucks to be Tiger Woods today.” Tell tale signs include posting multiple times a day about things other people have already written. Sometimes referred to as The Repeater.

I, Me, My blogger: This blogger actually believes that people care what he / she thinks about everything. Tell tale signs include posting several times a week often leading off with:

“Sorry it has been so long between posts”OR “Hope you will forgive me for not posting in several hours.” Other distinguishing characteristics include referring to him / herself as “Me 2.0” or “my brand identity.” Sometimes referred to as The Narcissist.

Love me PLEASE blogger: This blogger needs attention and validation. Tell tale signs include ending every blog with: “tell me what you think” or “agree / disagree?” But this blogger will very very rarely post comment on another person’s blog because they can’t take the rejection if the blogger doesn’t return the gesture. Sometimes referred to as The Needy.

Militant defender blogger: This blogger finds an issue and will search high and low for people to agree and disagree with. Tell tale signs of this less than open-minded species includes using words like: stupid, mouth-breather, idiot, nazi, and butt-head to describe anyone with a differing opinion. Always tying to recuit other to thier way of thinking. Sometimes referred to as The soccer fan of bloggers.

List maker: Easy to spot. Tell tale signs include 97 percent of all blogs have titles like: Top ten ways to attract bloggers or Seven best blog topics, Ten types of bloggers (no wait that one is okay). Sometimes referred to as The Letterman wannabe.

Thought it would be cooler blogger: This blogger can also fit into one of the above groups but the tell tale sign that he / she is a TIWBC blogger is that there are 9 posts in the first 10 days then it slows to one per week then one per month. A distant cousin to the Love me PLEASE blogger. Sometimes referred to as The Twitter’er.

Good blogger: Tell tale signs include blogging multiple times per week, providing interesting and insightful commentary, engaging in conversation with readers, posting on others blogs etc. You know who you are.

  1. December 6, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Interesting thoughts on the types of bloggers Tony!

    Have to say, I think a lot of people (me included) have aspects of most of these types. But I suppose it’s what is strongest which matters most?

    A list every now and then is ok 😉


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