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Best PR bloggers?

This blog entry has been a work in progress for a long time. Every time I try to put together my list of top PR / social media bloggers, I find myself conducting more research because I don’t want to leave out anyone. So, I’m now taking the idea of finding the top bloggers from another angle.

As any want-to-be writer will admit, when you can’t write it yourself – criticize others.

For instance a (blog) search for “Top PR Bloggers” gives the following at top results:

Online Marketing Blog … Okay, no arguement here. It is full of content, good content, its good looking lots of links and has a constant flow of new content. It is a little more SEO then PR focused, then again it is named Online Marketing Blog, so they don’t pretend to be all about PR so Congrats, you are a worthy Top PR Blogger.

Exploring the Intersection… DaveFleet.com a great find. This is what search engines should find as the top result. Less slick than Online Marketing Blog. Strong content steady flow of posts, I’m only sorry I didn’t find this earlier.

POP! PR Jots… umm, I don’t know what to say here except that the latest post is from four months ago and in fact there are only 2 posts from all of 2009. But worry not, I did check and the author hasn’t died. I’m glad he is okay, but sorry to say he doesn’t deserve to clog my Top PR Blogger search results.

India PR Blogs… Okay, this may just be me, but I wasn’t so interested in PR in India. I’m guessing it is very different than in the U.S., so I probably won’t visit this one again. BUT, that being said, it is well done with posts from several different authors. It’s just not for me. Next time I’ll search for “Top U.S. PR bloggers” – my bad.

and PR meets the www … which brings you to a 4 year old list of bloggers. This makes POP! seem prolific. Again, this just doesn’t below on the top 10 pages of search results.

Next time I’ll see what Technorati has to say about this search.

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