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PR History Quiz – sort of

I just read Pitch Engine’s Are You in the PR Dark Ages blog post and it got me thinking about the changes in the PR industry since I joined this quirky little fraternity back in…well, let’s just say a lot of years ago.

So I came up with a quick quiz to find out how long someone has been in PR. Ever wonder how long a PR person has been in the business, here are some questions to ask.

Two or more yes answers will prove they have been in PR for over 10 years:

Did you ever mail or fax a press release?

Did you ever physically cut (scissors) and pasted (tape) a clip from a hard copy magazine?

Do you remember the big green Bacon’s media directories?

Did you ever type a press release? (okay, maybe thats going back too far)

Did you ever called down a media list to ask contacts if they have an email address?

Do you remember having to use a pay phone to call the office from a trade show?

ADDED 12/09: Did you look for a job in the Editor and Publisher classified?

Two or more yes answers will prove they have been in PR at least 5 years:

Do you remember when hard copy coverage mattered?

Do you remember having clients that didn’t blog?

Do you remember reading magazines searching for coverage?

Do you remember stuffing hard copy press kits?

Do you think that PR always paid well?

Do you remember when Thursday (and only Thursday) was deadline day?

Two or more yes answers will prove that they are newbies:

Were you on Twitter before you worked in PR?

Do you complain that building a media list from an online database is hard?

Do you complain if coverage doesn’t appear within hours of an announcement?

Do you think everyone over 30 is stupid about social media?

Do you have more blogs than ties?

Did you have a smart phone before you worked in PR?

I’d be interested to hear if this fits your experience too and if you have some alternative questions that should be included.

  1. December 24, 2009 at 1:48 am

    You know you’ve been in PR too long if you remember when Lexis Nexis was the dominant way to search for news online.

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