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PR blog case study – two months on the job

I started this blog (then called IT Security and Public Relations) just over two months ago as a bit of an experiment. The goal was education, experience, joining the conversation — having a venue to rant and vent was just an unexpected benefit.

Seriously, many PR folks are advising clients about blogging and twitter etc. and I was a bit frustrated that I wasn’t able to provide any personal insight or experiences. So I started a blog to see just how viral this community can be.

This is by no means meant to be a complete how-to manual, but hopefully others can learn something from my experiences – all 60+ days of it. Also I’m meeting a friend of mine for breakfast tomorrow morning because he wants to know what I’ve learned from my blogging experience. So here goes.

Most important lesson is that it’s not just about posting blog entries, it is about joining the conversation and that means following other blogs and commenting on them. For me it started with well known security blogger, Martin Mckeay’s ‘Tweet Like Your Mother is Going to Read it‘ entry. That simply blog reply was noticed by a number of people and search engines alike (by the way, thanks Martin).

As a direct result of reading the other comments posted to Mckeay’s blog, I stumbled across another new PR blogger Joe Francella and he and I have traded a number of online comments.

Joe pointed out my recent ‘Seven Stages of Twitter’ blog entry and Steve Farnsworth (The Real PR Man) tweeted about it getting my simple blog in front of about 4000 new folks.

From reading these blogs and connecting to their connections, I found my way to Heather Yaxley – Greenbanana – who wrote a PR overloading Twitter blog that created a very interesting online onversation between myself, Heather, Philip and Chris Norton.

I’ve also posted replies to a number of social networking blogs and articles such as

Read Write Web‘s ‘Twitter Was Fastest Growing Community Last Month’ article and Nicole Miscioscia’s ‘Think Before You Tweet’ on her PR Nonsense: High-tech global PR and other detritus (I keep meaning to look up what that means) blog. And more recently, I posted comments to PR Sarah Evans’ guest blogger Jennifer Willbur who wrote a very funny ‘Don’t be a PR Geezer’ entry.

After posting a list of my favorite PR and social networking blogs, I got my first comment from one of the ‘honored’ bloggers Bob Geller of Flack’s Revenge.

And just this weekend I posted a reply to Adam Singer‘s blog about the reasons you should still blog if you twitter and then I blogged about it and tweeted about the blog. Of yeah and now I follow Adam and he follows me – the circle of social networking.

All of these connections have been educational, fun or just plain interesting and at the end of the day isn’t that all you can ask for.

  1. August 13, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    Thanks for pointing and commenting to my post Tony.

    Meaning of Detritus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/detritus 🙂

    Also, we moved our blog to http://prnonsense.marchpr.com

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