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Seven Stages of Twitter

In the past 3 months I’ve gone from saying, ‘yeah Twitter is fine for kids and consumer brands’ to my recent holly $#!+ moment when I realized what I was missing and what I needed to learn to catch up. Here are my Seven Stages of Twitter.

Stage One: Ignorance and Disbelief – This stage lasted somewhere between 6 month and 5 years depending on who you want to believe. I’ll leave it to the historians (or Google) to decide just when the social networking phenomenon started, but without a doubt it wasn’t today.

Stage Two: Denial – This was my, ‘yeah twitter is fine for kids, but not for me’ stage.

Stage Three: Anger (and Embarrassment) – Also known as my holly $#!+ moment when I logged on just to check it out. Why didn’t someone tell me about this!  

Stage Four: (Fear and) Bargaining – Oh no, I promise if my boss doesn’t find out how behind I am, I swear I’ll twitter, blog, read about social networking…oh, please, I’ll do anything.

Stage Five: Guilt – I can believe that in this economy I let myself fall so far behind the times, I let myself, my boss, my clients and my family down…I’m so sorry.

Stage Six: Depression – It’s too late, I’m too old to learn new tricks. I can’t figure out how to type 140 characters, there is no way.

Stage Seven: Acceptance and (Enthusiastic) Hope – Wait a second, this is the most significant change and to the PR industry in my career. That means, I get to learn new skills and tactics. This is exciting. I’m not only going to accept the future of PR, I’m determined to be a leader (or at least a foot soldier) in the revolution.

And a bonus, Eighth Stage: Renewal – After 15+ years in this industry, I’m suddenly looking at new challenges and new opportunities.

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