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Called Out By The GreenBanana

I recently stumbled across Heather Yaxley’s GreenBanana view of public relations and more and I found the PR overloads Twitter entry to be very funny. The blog wondered if PR folks were responsible for Twitter being over capacity so often.

In a blog reply, I agreed that this was probably the case and added that it is probably also true that PR folks are not only overloading Twitter, but that PR folks are also overusing Twitter.

My point of contention is that too many PR folks are following publications, which is simply a glorified RSS feed. In fact, The NYTimes recently tweeted this same point when it asked what followers would like to see its tweets used for because they admit the tweets are pushing the same content as its RSS feed.

My other point – and this is the one I got called out on by Philip – thanks by the way – is that in addition to following publications most PR folks seem to be following other PR folks and I questioned that value.

As Philip pointed out PR folks learning from other PR folks is a good thing. Yes, I agree. And in fact, that is exactly why I searched out the blog in the first place. Personally, I know I’m searching out PR sites, books, blogs and other learning tools more than ever before because PR is undergoing a significant transformation right now and sharing info, advice, and experiences are an important part of evolving.

So thanks to sites like GreenBanana and people like Philip, I think the PR industry is at least having the right conversations. Thanks for including me.

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