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Mckeay’s Tweet Post is Right On

Martin McKeay’s recent post Tweet like your mother is going to read it is right on. It is such a simple and common sense idea, but clearly not many people are listening to this advice.

I just replied to McKeay’s blog and as I was typing I remembered one of my favorite often quoted (or poorly paraphrased) lines. “Never write if you can speak, never speak if you can nod and never nod if you can wink” Martin Lomasney said it, but I first heard it referenced by Howie Carr.

I work with an office full or PR folks that can’t get enough of twitter and Facebook etc. which is all fine, but people do forget that anyone can find this information. Think about it, anytime a company hires a new employee what is the fist thing co-workers do… check google and facebook to see what dirt can be found.

Everyone has a past and most everyone has secrets or just stories that they don’t want have repeated and that just a part of living life. But, if you are the person posting photos and writing blogs and tweets, you CAN NOT be surprised when this information it used against you.

Anyone who has ever worked in media or public relations knows what a briefing sheet is, but for everyone else…the briefing sheet is what PR folks create for spokespeople in order to provide background information on the reporter. There are stories all the time about PR people writing notes like, ‘she is often rude’ or ‘he is a real jerk’ in briefing sheets that one way or the other get to a reporter.

My rule is that anytime I write about someone via email, IM, blogs etc, I always consider that the person I’m writing about will someday see my comments. Believe me, that really changes the way you talk about other people. Maybe that makes me less than honest with my comments, but that is just the respect I have for the written word.

So if you really want to know what I think about someone – call me.

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